Stainless Steel Sign Hose Clamps
Stainless Steel Sign Hose Clamps
US $0.8-1
3000 piece



Stainless Steel Sign Hose Clamps
9/16" wide band
Adjustable Stainless Steel Sign Mounting Bracket Set for Poles

Fit securely on different shape and size poles. These sign clamps provide an easy alternative to installing signs in an outdoor or industrial setting. Install your signs on large diameter poles such as light poles and flag poles with this stainless steel bracket set. Stainless steel straps secure the sign mounting brackets to the pole and your sign bolts onto the brackets.

High-Torque Quick Release Clamps style allows for easy installation and removal

stainless steel straps sizes below

#152  2"-10"  51-254mm

#188  2"--12-1/4"   51-311mm